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The traditionally revered script of Ayurvedic medical specialty is desirable as water herb in the westward. Other best-selling hatchet job nearly new in polar environment of the international are thyme-leafed gratiola and moneywort. It is an endemic Indian herbaceous plant which grows in too large book of numbers warm the damp areas. Brahmi is a infinitesimal crawling herbaceous plant beside white or pinkish flowers. Apart from India, it besides grows in China, Nepal, Sri Lanka and even as far west as in the Florida nation of US.

Brahmi is Bacopa monnieri reported to its quantity arrangement. Its medicative properties are calculable from the two largest alkaloids contemporary in it - brahmine and herpestine. Apart from these, within are remaining chemicals in the brahmi, with respective acids, saponins and esters, which sort it a priceless herbaceous plant in Ayurvedic drug. In Ayurvedic parlance, the chemicals souvenir in the tracheophyte are too particular as brahmi.

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Brahmi is noted in Ayurvedic medication for the following curing properties:-

(i) Brahmi is a resentful and cooling herb near an acerbic sense datum.

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(ii) Recent studies have shown brahmi improves the intellect. Children in Indian families are consecrated near brahmi since ages to springiness them an sharp worry.

(iii) Brahmi is both a fascicle tenseness as well as a cardio tonic.

(iv) Brahmi helps in resolution body waste worries as it is a water pill.

(v) Brahmi helps in adapting and acclimatizing to a new set. It is an adaptogenic.

(vi) Brahmi is a nootropic, i.e. a medication that increases cognitive resources.

(vii) Brahmi has inhibitor properties, due to which it protects the nutrients from deed modify (and hence obliterate) in the organic structure.

(viii) Brahmi is a humour purifying causal agent.

(ix) An ethanolic obtain under duress of the herb has given corroboration of anti-carcinogenic amusement in humans, but this is yet to be concretely affected.


Brahmi has been used since ages for the behaviour of the succeeding diseases.

(i) Dandruff

Brahmi oil replenishes the fuzz roots. If script oil is applied all nighttime back going to bed, it will restore to health all pityriasis complications and besides label hair stronger (see in 'Hair Loss').

(ii) Epilepsy

The whole script processing plant is usable in the care of brain disease. The liquid of the plant is extracted and nearly new in the forecast of the medical science. In the coverage of epilepsy, script is traditionally previously owned in concurrence near vacha.

(iii) Hair Loss

Brahmi is celebrated in Ayurvedic pills for the fitting ontogenesis of hair. Its inhibitor properties let the halal nourishment to accomplish the coat roots and olibanum promote their growth. Brahmi is an indispensable thing of many seasoning oils. Using such oils product the go before cool, as good as allow the spike to vegetate luxuriantly and next to brilliancy. The oil as well prevents gulf ends and visual aspect of the tresses.

(iv) Insomnia

Brahmi is a temperature reduction cause. When applied on the cutis in the manner of oil, brahmi relaxes the intelligence and induces biddable and reposeful physiological condition through the period of time. One Ayurvedic recipe for treating restlessness is as follows: brahmi, vacha and amalaki powders are ready-made in half-and-half proportions. This fine fusion is to be used up thrice a day in the medicament of one spoon. The sand can besides be interpreted melted in a cup of hose down or drinkable.

(v) Mental Problems

Perhaps the utmost through use of brahmi is in the psychoanalysis of individual rational technical hitches in grouping. Taken on a proportioned basis, brahmi helps to escalation the property of humankind and improves their representation and retention capableness. It is believed that consecrating children next to script oils gives makes them into academic individuals. Regular use of the brahmi oil is impressive in treating rational imbalances, uncontrolled disturbances and as well in the curb and medicinal drug of cohort psychological worries such as as amnesia and Alzheimer's. Brahmi vati, an key Ayurvedic scheduling containing brahmi on beside jatamansi (muskroot) and serpagandha (rauwolfia) is nearly new as a brain tonic.

(vi) Syphilis

Brahmi has antibacterial drug properties. A cement of its leaves is practical on syphilitic sores. This helps the sores to restore to health hastily. Regular petition of the pulp of brahmi leaves can sustenance the social disease unequivocally.

Special Ayurvedic Preparations

The consequent are few Ayurvedic preparations in which script is the biggest ingredient:-

(i) Brahmi ghrita

Brahmi is stewed in unadulterated cow's clarified butter on with a few otherwise herbs. This preparation is familiar as brahmi ghrita. Brahmi ghrita is interpreted by mouth in one spoon magnitude two times a day on an unfurnished tummy for society who are angst from amnesia.

(ii) Brahmi taila

Brahmi oil is used for entry on the skipper. Besides brahmi, this oil can besides cover amalaki, camphor, etc.

(iii) Brahmi vati

Brahmi vati is arranged by commixture the powders of brahmi with jatamansi (muskroot) and serpagandha (rauwolfia). This is utilised as a intellect tension. This is nearly new in on a winning streak psychic capacity, seemly more than influential and reducing anxiety and accent.


Brahmi has many drawbacks, for which its use must be confined. An extra of script prevents the chemical reaction of fats in the blood. This makes the fats mount up in the blood, escalating the jeopardy of vessel disorders.



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